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19th April 2013

Covered Local is independently owned and published by husband and wife team Matthew & Natalie Deacon.

We launched Covered Local as we wanted to produce a publication that was fresh and informative for local communities in and around the areas in which we live. The main aim when producing each publication has been to produce a high quality, entertaining, informative publication whilst keeping advertising costs for local businesses as low as possible.

Our purpose is to serve the communities into which we distribute our magazines and to support the local businesses that operate within or close to these communities. Research has shown us that people like to buy and use local services. Hopefully our publication will help towards bringing local communities and businesses together which can only lead to a positive impact on the local economy.

If you have any comments about the magazines, please call or email us:


0800 612 7966

“ We feel passionate about Covered Local and about its value to both readers and advertisers alike ”

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